Shaffali Skincare is inspired by 5,000 years of exotic ancient wisdom.

Inspired by Ayurveda

Indian herbs + spices bring out your glow.

Enhanced by Aromatherapy

Fruit + flower essences uplift your mood + skin.

Experienced as Ritual

Positive mind meditations + visualizations guide you.

Shaffali is an exotic + fragrant journey for uplifting mind, body, skin + soul.



Shaffali Skincare is inspired by + dedicated to founder        Shaffali M.'s mother, Rama Miglani. Rama is a nurturing bright light who taught Shaffali M. everything she knows about real + true beauty - inner + outer beauty. 

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We love and value our Tribe - and we welcome you to join. Get involved in the social causes that we contribute to - simply by making a purchase. Become a Spa or Yoga Studio Partner, a Wellness Ambassador or a Host for Spa Parties.

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