Shine: Mango + Lavender Body Scrub


Shine: Mango + Lavender Body Scrub


Brightening Body Scrub with golden turmeric, natural wax beads + tropical fruit enzymes

Brings a Glow and Radiance to your skin + spirit

Aroma notes: Tropical Fruit + Spa Floral. Soaking in a fragrant mango + lavender outdoor bath in Bali.

Also described as an Ayurvedic, gluten free, vegan, organic mango + lavender souffle*.

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Frequency For Use by Skin Type

Use as needed for all skin types in a bath or shower, ideally 3xs per week

Shaffali Radiance Ritual

inhale: my spirit is happy

exhale: my body is glowing with energy

inhale: my soul is bright

exhale: I am radiant