Amplify: Flower + Forest Cleaning Mist


Amplify: Flower + Forest Cleaning Mist


Refreshing facial toner keeps skin and space clear with beautiful and fragrant essences from flowers such as rose and helichrysum and trees such as sandalwood and myrrh. This formula is energized by gemstones for each chakra to double as an aura amplification mist - perfect for heightening before a yoga or meditation practice or for after keeping the effects of it going. Use anytime you need to clear the air or your skin.

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Shaffali Amplification Ritual

inhale: my spirit is expansive

exhale: my skin is refreshed and alive

inhale: my soul is love

exhale: I am amplified 

In the Video above, Brand Creative Director Shaffali Miglani introduces you to the Shaffali Feminine Divine Facial. Shaffali M. was born to a mother who meditates daily.


"She taught me how to embody divine feminine beauty - which is far deeper than the skin, it's SOUL beauty". This is why our brand mantra is "reflect the light within". -Shaffali M.

This product was recognized as standout toner at The Indie Beauty Expo in Dallas, May 2018. Our latest product is a soothing facial toner that will also literally clear the space around you - as well as your skin - so you can beam as both your skin and aura are amplified!