India in the 1950s, 60s and 70s:

The story of Shaffali Skincare begins before I was born. My mother, pictured above, Rama Miglani (known as Sarla Seghal before her marriage) had been cultivating living an wellness lifestyle through wisdom passed on from our Elders, Ancestors and Gurus - spiritual teachers. The ancient wisdom was based on Ayurveda - India's system of holistic health which assesses one's wellbeing at the level of mind, body and spirit. Thus, Shaffali Skincare is born from the wisdom of natural beauty my mother instilled in me.  And that is why I dedicate this company to my Mother - she has worked so hard, tirelessly and selflessly all of her life. This company would not exist if she hadn't taught me how to be beautiful - inside and out. Mom, you are my guiding light and the company tagline "reflect the light within" is inspired by the light and blessings you have always shined upon me.


Wellness is defined as the state of being healthy in mind and in body, especially as a result of deliberate effort. Maintaining a healthy mind and body have always been a priority for me and I believe that wellness possesses the potential to lead to a deeper spiritual experience. Shaffali International, Inc. is a result of these beliefs and my passion for wellness.

From a young age, I have diligently taken care of my mind and my body. In an effort to foster peaceful thoughts and to discover my higher self, I began meditating. At the time, I didn’t realize I had begun a meditation practice; I simply quieted my mind and found peace in doing so. To compliment this, I began practicing yoga. Thus, yoga and meditation formed a foundation for my adult life. I have grown immensely from these practices. Since the age of nine I have kept a journal and reflected on my personal growth during my journey, learning more about myself as I proceed.

My mother has had a beautiful influence on my life. It was her twice-daily meditation practice that made me comfortable in my own path for spirituality. Always being immensely interested in natural remedies, she often made facemasks at home, using traditional Indian herbs and spices from our own kitchen as I looked along from a young age. As my rituals for peace developed through my yoga and meditation practice, I also began to incorporate natural beauty as another at-home and regularly practiced ritual. At age fourteen, I began creating my own skin care products, which I used in a weekly facial routine—a ritual I perform to this day. During my weekly ritual, I create and refine my own skin care recipes, incorporating concepts from Ayurveda, using botanicals, essential oils, fruits and vegetables, together with other natural, fragrant and effective ingredients. I have drawn on my experience working in the skin care industry in the U.S. and in Europe. For me this is a real passion, as anyone I have ever been close to can testify. It is something I love to do and share.

I have carried the practices of skincare, yoga and meditation with me from my teenage years into my adult and professional life. I received my skin care therapy license and have been a manager in the spa and skin care industries. In addition, I am a certified yoga instructor. My extensive experiences in yoga, meditation and skincare are what differentiate Shaffali Skincare; the products are a beautiful blend of ayurveda and aromatherapy. Along with each product is a signature ritual that incorporates positive affirmations, visualizations and a focus on breathing.

My wish to share my own happy experience cultivating a lifestyle of wellness has led to the creation of Shaffali International; we aim to provide the resources to anyone looking to create a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are looking for your skin to glow, or some peace of mind and relaxation. I am excited about the energy Shaffali International puts out into the world and sincerely appreciate your interest, enthusiasm, and support.