Five Indian Recipes that will soothe your stomach and your soul

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Thirteen years ago, I was living in California near my parents and knew I may not always live near them. My mothers cooking was VERY dear to me and I wanted to preserve her recipes so I began a cookbook - there wasn't really a necessity to cook at the time as I was getting so much of my mom's nourishing cooking from her hands. Thus, in the near decade I have now lived in NYC, her recipes have been so useful and have really been put to the test as I NEED home cooking to feel good.

The thing about Indian food is that it is hard to find restaurants that don't use lots of oil and cream (it certainly makes the food rich and tasty) but its hard on the digestive system and fattening.

Some of my FAVORITE Indian comfort foods aren't even found at restaurants! Perhaps they are too simple....I think they are amazing...Have a try for yourself and let me know what you think!

#1 Nutree!


#2 Rongi!


#3 Daal!


#4 Gobi!


#5 Kitcheri