North Indian Cooking 101: Tadka (Thar-ka)

A key pattern to understand in Indian cooking (which I have found in variations in Italian, Persian cooking), is the base of a dish, in this case, called a tadka.

Tadkas vary from having onions, no onions, garlic, ginger, mustard seeds, cumin seeds.

Try one for yourself (below I use examples of items I use when I am being creative in the kitchen):

1. Sautee either or all ginger, garlic, onion

2. Add a seed: cumin, mustard, 

3. Sprinkle spices: turmeric, asofetida, garam masala, paprika

3. add tomato

NOW, once you master this, then add either pre-cooked lentils, pre-cooked beans or veggies. Include Nutrela as your protien.

Please share your favorite variations and combinations. Im also on the lookout for Thai and Chinese variations as I haven't mastered those flavor profiles.