Shaffali Miglani, the creative force behind SHAFFALI, has been developing natural skincare products for over 18 years.

Her inspiration came from her mother who used natural herbs and spices from their native India to create luxurious masks and creams at home. Since her teenage years, Shaffali has been perfecting her weekly skin care ritual, focused on holistic and natural ingredients.

For more than a decade, Shaffali’s work in the spa and skincare industry further refined her formulations, 
especially in her role as a licensed skin care therapist. She is now proud to present the culmination of her efforts: THE SHAFFALI SKINCARE Collection.

A dedicated yoga student and instructor, Shaffali continues to be inspired by the journey for inner peace, beauty and balance. Shaffali’s mantra [reflect the light within] sums up the mission of her skincare line:

To help others realize their own natural essence by cultivating inner and outer beauty.

Her products and accompanying meditative rituals give a beautiful, youthful glow while bringing balance to the skin and the spirit.